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America has elected Barak Obama as president.

Yesterday, record numbers of voters seized the opportunity to let their voices be heard.  Today we have the first African-American president in our country’s history; a man whose voice rings out for change, sacrifice, and whose presence is a testimony to the potential of the American dream.

Most of us are not as high profile as President-Elect Obama –   man who has taken of the burden of symbolizing American transformation.  Our lives are more localized, our reach is closer to home.  However, our touch is just as – if not more – profound on those around us.  After all, it took millions of individuals exerting their right to elect Obama.

The present moment is the gateway to change.  While our minds frequently become clouded by memory or imagined futures, the clarity of presence can propel us beyond the inertia of habit and and enable us to grasp our power for transformation. We become conscience of the power of this moment.  We can move through the discomfort of the unknown and choose to change our course.

Yesterday in America we witnessed the power of conscientious change.  When millions of people made the considered effort to let their voices be heard.  Imagine carrying that consciousness into every moment of our lives.  So that every choice becomes an expression of our greater potential rather than an expression of our habits.  What other change is possible then?

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