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What is health? What is illness? What is healing?

If you can recognize illness or disease as a balancing factor, a part of your wholeness that has been denied, then you will be able to find healing through expanding your awareness and seeking alternative concepts other than those that attempt to eradicate the illness through conventional treatment, leaving the body drained and fragmented.

It is when you get to this place of understanding that your entire personal philosophy undergoes a transformation that changes your attitude about illness and disease and automatically activates your basic healing system

Illness or disease is a call to the transformative potential within us. As soon as we stop resisting the illness and experience it fully, this is the moment we begin to heal.

Healing and change are one and the same thing. Healing does require taking action — it is not a passive event.


First myth about healing: My life is defined by my wound.
Second myth: Being healthy means being alone.
Third myth: Feeling pain means being destroyed by pain.
Fourth myth: All illness is a result of negativity.
Fifth myth: True change is impossible.

Deborah Catton, herbalist
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