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There is nothing more to be than what you are right now.

When you allow yourself to be what you are right now, magic happens. When you know in your heart that there is nothing more to be than what you are right now, you experience yourself as being perpetually more amazing than you ever thought possible.

How do you discover “what you are right now”? Be ruthlessly compassionate with yourself. This means acceptance, acceptance,
acceptance. Infect yourself with self-acceptance. This allows you the freedom to honestly assess where you’re at.

Now you can be ruthlessly honest with yourself; your ruthless compassion gives you a sweet cushion for anything you discover to be less than desirable when you hang out with where you’re at right now.

What do I mean by “ruthlessly honest”? Here’s an example: When I work with clients, especially for the first time, I observe their posture. As my clients stand and walk around, I often see them reorganizing or holding themselves in a posture they think is “right.” This is a “counterfeit” or “artificial” posture. This isn’t a natural posture. It is a posture they think they should have. We’ve all done this at one point or another. I could tell you stories about my own “counterfeit” postures (yes, that’s plural), but
that’s a book unto its own. . . .

The point is, this “should be” posture is often indicative that we are trying to be something other than what we genuinely are right now. By allowing our thoughts of what “should be” to dictate, our genuine posture is, unfortunately, suppressed. Not to mention that it takes a lot of energy and effort to hold oneself in an unnatural position.

If you apply this postural analogy to your entire life, maybe you can begin to see more clearly where you are faking it (hint: compassionately hunt for the “should-be’s” in every aspect of your life).

Allow yourself to be completely as is. Hang out with what you are right now. This gives the innate intelligence of your whole system the space to express itself. The expression of this intelligence is incredibly healing. It is the stuff magic is made of. I’ve seen it work wonders time and time again.

If the thought of hanging out with yourself with ruthless honesty scares you, consider yourself human! This fear is a very natural experience for everyone. However, please realize that if you feel scared or threatened by this kind of honesty, you are an especially perfect candidate to hang out with it. . . . Courage friend, courage.

One fine day, perhaps even tomorrow, after you’ve played with this ruthless compassion, honesty, and innate intelligence stuff for a bit, you may just discover yourself naturally coming across your ideal posture/career/relationship. Heck, maybe even life. . . .

All the best on the adventure, and, of course, Namaste.

Heidi Lauber, massage therapist
Momentum Manual Therapy

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