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True health comes from the inside out: Everything you are looking for you have right now.

Everything you need to truly be well has already been provided to you. If you want health, educate yourself, but be careful to not concentrate too heavily on disease. Believe in your body, and be aware that health assistance provided from the outside should facilitate who you are and what you have. Many interventions attempt to modulate disease by over-riding your innate intelligence instead of facilitating what is already “right” inside you. Although disease modulation is at times necessary — in fact it may be critical for survival — it will not bring about health.

The chiropractic concept of true health is the 100% expression of your potential in all areas of your life, a complete and vibrant expression of ”lightness.” That is where the concept of subluxation originated and why it is used. The chiropractic subluxation can be dually described as a malpositioned vertebra and a “less light” condition. The idea is that a lack of health is any reduction in that expression, which over time will result in disease or a less robust condition. Chiropractic treatment is the attempt to
facilitate and optimize your body’s natural expression of self-defense, self-healing, and self-maintenance.

In your quest to overcome pain and regain function by finding ease, stillness, and quiet, there will be work that only you can and need to do. In this work, remember that you are not alone. The discomfort you are currently experiencing is a result of your body’s attempt to adapt, as well as it can, to a difficult or less than optimal physiological situation. If you find yourself in that downward spiral where one negative health concern follows another, remember this concept of health facilitation and disease
modulation. Once a disease is modulated, it does not bring you closer to the true expression of health. To find health, look for experts that can help facilitate and maximize your health potential; stay positive; and continue searching. Hundreds of people who have come to me for help had given up on their bodies’ ability to heal, only to see their lives turned around within a matter of moments, days, or weeks with the right assistance, at the right time.

All processes require time, and healing is not exempt from that basic law. In your journey back to optimizing your health, remember that healing occurs like the tide coming in; there are times of regression and perceived failure, but there are also times of joy and acceleration towards how you want to be. Don’t let the regressions overshadow the joy. Health doesn’t come from doubt and darkness. Health comes from light and belief.

Stay well,

Dr. Jeff Scholten, upper cervical chiropractor
Scholten and Gordon Spinal Care

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