Getting Quiet in Practice: Halasana

During the holidays, it’s more important than ever to have some quiet time. With all of the distractions – parties, relatives, drama, presents, planning, joy, baggage – [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 5 – Protein?

Two revelations. One: my chocolate fears were ungrounded.  While I could not have milk chocolate, I could still have dark chocolate, as it contains neither milk nor butter.  However, my chocolate [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 4: Chocolate

Something terrible occurred to me today. Chocolate. As I was munching on one of my stocking stuffers (chocolate coffered espresso beans), I realized that chocolate would be one the fruits [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 3: Family reaction

Hatching a New Years’ Plan I decided to put my plan into action for New Years.  After all, a New Year, a new start…and that way, I wouldn’t have to sacrifice all my Christmas goodies.   As [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 2: Steph gives me the vegan skinny

I decided to get the skinny from one of my vegan friends.  Actually, she’s my only vegan friend. We met at a coffee shop and I had my favorite dairylicious breakfast of muffin and latte. I am [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 1: Chronicles of an vegan experiment

This is an everyday girl’s chronicle into the jungles of veganism.  It’s for skeptics, the dabblers, the curious, the tolerant, the intolerant – for anyone who’s peered over the fence of [...]

Chakras – the practical side for the dubious

The chakras can seem a little…well, out there.  Whirling wheels of energy?  Rainbow light?  Huh? But if we think about the body and its functions, the chakras do seem to match up pretty [...]

Bakasana – stoking the inner fire

Bakasana is one of those asani that looks impossible until you actually do it. “You want me to put my knees where and balance on my what?” we think with dismay. But with just a few [...]