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Aadil and Mirra of Purna Yoga share a vision for 2010.  Read and be inspired to connect more deeply with your own beauty and joy.

Happy New Year!  The Divine’s dream for 2010 is for a year of JOY! The work that we did in December, practicing pure giving and receiving from the Heart Center, was wonderful preparation for the New Year. We are now ready to open to a greater experience of joy, which is what the Creator wishes to express through Its creation!

A good question to ask yourself is “Does my vision of joy match The Divine’s vision of joy?” Since the ego may not always agree with The Divine’s perception of joy, I offer all of us this prayer: “I am willing to allow Divine Joy to flow and be felt through my human form.” While you say this to yourself, hold the intention to exhale what you perceive to be joy and to inhale Divine Joy instead.

True joy comes from an experience of BEAUTY. Beauty is The Divine’s joy. In order to experience The Divine’s flow of joy, we must become friendly in all ways with our experience of beauty. The Divine’s dream is to move into the physical world, and this happens through the expression of beauty, because where beauty is, so is joy.

What is beauty, exactly? Beauty is the ideal expression of The Divine. Beauty requires that we take care and give a little more of ourselves, inside and outside. (You may begin to notice that a “pretty” person is not always beautiful, so start exploring why this is the case.) Beauty is all about refinement, precision, and detail, through care and clarity and cleanliness and color – lots of color!

Shaggy clothes and a messy home tell our nervous system that it’s okay to get away with being less than who we truly are. Beauty – and therefore joy – are felt in the body when we wear beautiful colors, fabrics, and designs. Take a look at the clothes you wear. Do they make you smile?  (A smile is a clue there is beauty and joy around you!) Look around your home.  Does it also smile?  Does it express your refinement, care, and detail? Surround yourself with beauty in your home, your body, and your thoughts, with the images you see and the things you taste, touch and smell. When you do this, your nervous system can relax, which allows more of the Divine’s energy to flow through you.

Please join us in this prayer for 2010:

“I am ready to feel the joy of The Divine and to express the beauty of The Divine.  Let everything I do be an expression of beauty. Today I choose to let go of any perceptions of joy and beauty that come from my ego.  I ask the Creator to use my physical form to express Its beauty and Its joy into and through the material world, giving birth to a Divine world now.”

With love,
Mirra and Aadil

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