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Are you a stiff old guy? You know, tight hamstrings, tight lower back? You like lifting weights but now you can’t touch your toes? Never fear, Yoga For Old Stiff Guys can help. All you need is a wall. Great for younger guys on their way to becoming stiff oldies. Take twenty minutes and start to loosen up. With music designed just for you. Yoga for Stiff Guys with music. Or with no music.  Just you and me, baby.  Yoga for Stiff Guys without music.

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  • Stacey Reeves

    Thanks for the pod cast. I’ll let mey guys know.

  • AnnaNorris

    Thanks for this Rachel: Just passed it on
    and thanks for your intelligent and good humoured instruction last weekend at the Yoga conference!

  • Rachel

    Great to meet you Anna! Hope to see you in Victoria again 🙂

  • George DeStefano

    Yoga For Stiff Old Guys – very good sequence, clear simple instructions, voice – loud enough, distinct, calm. Excellent! Thanks.

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