Why massage works

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You know it feels good, but why does it help?

The NY Times reports on the efficacy of massage in this article by Nicholas Bakalar.  Interesting stuff – and perfect for justifying another visit to your favorite RMT!

But seriously, muscular health is a well-rounded affair.  And no matter how much stretching you do in yoga class, there are always those places that need some hands on love to actually release.  This article shows how massage can scientifically reduce the inflammation response that naturally occurs after vigorous exercise and help spur your body to faster recovery.

“A massage after vigorous exercise unquestionably feels good, and it seems to reduce pain and help muscles recover. Many people — both athletes and health professionals – have long contended it eases inflammation, improves blood flow and reduces muscle tightness. But until now no one has understood why massage has this apparently beneficial effect.

Now researchers have found what happens to muscles when a masseur goes to work on them.”

Read the article.

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