In all things human

The subterranean landscape moves, jiggles, giggles, wanders, flows
My animal, innate need rising through tissues
Impassioned, empowered, wild
Seeking relationship
Yearning for movement, for cycles of change, for radical break through and then
Sleepy, cozy, comfort
Settling into the arms, the cooling sweat of another’s body
Gliding planes seeking connection
A thousand relationships through the skin of my hands; the smell, the taste
Of internalizing

Beneath rises an animal of pleasure
Who shakes her hide and stretches
Turns belly up inside me and invites
Fingers to furrow and wind in her silky, white fur
In her great, cat self and reaching
Through my hands to touch
To feel
To vibrate
To stroke
To yearn for filling
To clutch wildly
To pull together
To pad across the earth to its edges and feel the ocean between my toes

We need
Against the gently dissolving forms of death
To stretch
Run, excite, kiss
To softly hold our children’s hands
To fill our mouths with loving words
To feel our flesh warm, delicious in the sun
To rise into passion
To wink at life and
Full, rich, heady, exposed

Oh, to be alive in this great, wild world!
In my rising, packed, audacious body-

Hold hands
Speak softly
Laugh from our depths

Everything is a kiss
In this Universe of
Form and Light.

Written in response to attending a week long dissection immersion with the inimitable Gil Hedley.

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  • Cheryl


  • Wendy

    Reading your poem is a gift.
    I am blessed to have been with you on
    our journey. Thank you Rachel

  • Rachel

    What an extraordinary experience. Wendy, it was so so good to share it with you 🙂 xoxo

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