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The last time I was single, I had a different skeleton. I was literally standing on different bones, on different feet.

Since I was last single, I have had at least 7 different livers, and my skin has changed 260 times. The face that greets the world now is a different face than the one that I had before. Yet I am still, somehow, me.

The sublime intelligence our subconscious goes largely unnoticed by us as we walk in our bodies, breathe and eat, think, digest, and sleep. Our hurtling, effervescent circulatory system is generally unregarded; the dogged loyalty of our heartbeat unnoticed.

We are deeply mysterious, and what’s wonderful is that we are the mystery that we seek!

Marvel at your beautiful hands, revel in your full and glorious breathing! Thrill in the flow of your blood, delight in the drowsiness of almost falling asleep. Nourish your beautiful, feeling, sensational body.

What gratitude I feel to be conscious through this mysterious and ever-changing home of flesh and bone.

For a nerdy love in about the age of your cells, check out this New York Times article, called, “Your Body is Younger than You Think.”
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