Juicing: The Green Monster

Yay, SPUD!  Yesterday I got my delivery of yummy produce straight to my doorstep.  It was like Christmas when I came home, only without the sugar crash. This morning I was so inspired by all the [...]

Juicing: Fridge dregs

So I return from Mexico and to my beloved juicer, excited to rev up the Hurom to start off another great day. However, I’ve been in Mexico for a week, so you can imagine the state of the [...]

Juicing: Mexican Style

First day in Maya Tulum for the YYoga retreat  – AHHHHHH. After a brutish day of travel yesterday and gobbling down a meal of guacamole and tortilla chips last night (granted, they were [...]

Juicing: Lady in yo face

On the recommendation of a friend (thanks Christina!), I tried the following concoction: 2 carrots 1 grapefruit (use rhubarb if in season) ginger makes about 6 oz. She said this would wake me up [...]

Juicing: Revenge of the dinosaurs

Today I made a juice that resembles brontosaurus upchuck. Lovena had warned me: when you mix red and green things together, you’re going to get something brown and fairly ugly.  If you want [...]

Juicing: Ruby Red deliciousness…and an Intro to Raw Food

The incredible Vitamix. Intro to Raw Food Last night I went to in introduction to Raw Food course by Indigo Foods in Vancouver.  Lovena, the delightfully accented Ukrainian proprietor, kindly let [...]

Veggie Coconut Balls: Brilliant or really, really bad

These could totally suck. I decided to take this week’s mastication by products, cuisinart them together with some dates, cocoa, and tahini paste, roll them into balls with coconut and [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 11: Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and there is a section of the population that makes a pilgrimage down to Bellingham, Washington on a monthly basis to visit the Trader Joe’s and stock [...]

Going Vegan, Ep.11: Lasagna

I decided to make vegan lasagna. Well, actually, I made a lasagna that is half vegan and half with cheese for Alan.  In lieu of cheese on my side, I used nutritional yeast. To understand the [...]

Going Vegan, Ep.10: Fish

I gave up fish just in time. I was reading a book called “The World is Blue.”  This remarkable account details in stark and horrifying glory the devastation that humans have inflicted upon our [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 7: Coming Home

Coming Home Alan greeted me with a stockpile of vegan groceries at home.  Quinoa, fortified soy milk, mixed greens, and a delicious toasted sandwich of spelt bread with avocado, mustard, [...]

The ugliest juice known to man

Ugly Juice – about 8 oz. 2 carrots sliver ginger 1 lemon 3 leaves curly kale This is a seriously ugly juice, people.  We’re talking swampwater surprise.  Especially with the foamy bit [...]

Juicing: Day 3- Beets are messy

Beets are messy. Somehow I got beet juice on the wall.   I’m not sure how that happened. I think I did a good enough with the clean up that my roommate won’t notice.  We’ll see [...]

Juicing Day 2: The power of lemon

Today I went for a V-8 inspired concoction, but it wound up as a V-4: 1 lemon 2 whole carrots 4 celery stalks 4 plum tomatoes Makes: 12 oz. This one was good!  The lemon was an inspiration; the [...]

Juicing! The experiment begins. Day 1.

I am not what you’d call “neat” in the kitchen. During my smoothie stages, epic smears of smoothie product wind up (somehow) being expelled from a our blender and splattering [...]