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Yay, SPUD!  Yesterday I got my delivery of yummy produce straight to my doorstep.  It was like Christmas when I came home, only without the sugar crash.

This morning I was so inspired by all the beautiful green veggies in my bin that I decided to make something positively verdant.

The Green Monster

  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 3 curly kale leaves
  • 1 collard green leaf
  • 2 stalks celery
  • fistful of cilantro
  • fistful of parsley

Now, this was green.  Beautiful, emerald, green. Rolling hills of luscious grass green.

It also tasted like my lawn.

It wasn’t at all offensive, it was just very…fresh.

Note to self: next time add half of an apple.


Nutritional Stats:

  • 100 g cucumber (about 1/2 medium cucumber)
    • 9% RDA vitamin K (7.2 mcg)
    • trace elements manganese, copper, potassium
    • calories: 12
  • 1.5 cups (100 g) Kale
    • 308% RDA Vitamin A (15476 IU)
    • 14% RDA B6 (.27 mg)
    • 200% RDA Vitamin C (120 mg)
    • 1021 % RDA Vitamin K (!!817 mg)
    • 14% RDA Calcium (13g mg)
    • 9% RDA Iron (1.7  mg)
    • 13% RDA Potassium (447 mg)
    • 14% RDA Copper (.29 mg)
    • 39% RDA Manganese (.77 mg )
    • calories: 50
  • 40 g collard greens (1 cup or so)
    • 110% RDA Vitamin A
    • 50% RDA Vitamin C
    • 10% RDA Calcium
    • calories: 25
  • 100 g of celery (roughly 2 stalks, though this can vary)
    • 9% RDA folate (36 mg)
    • 37% RDA Vitamin K (30 mcg)
    • 7% RDA Potassium (260 mg)
    • calories = 15
  • fistful of cilantro
    • hard to estimate nutrients, but you get great Vitamin A, B1, B2, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin C and Vitamin K
  • fistful of parsley
    • hard to estimate, but you get tons of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin K
  • Total calories: roughly 120

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  • Steph

    I was expecting a picture of you….
    Throw in some ginger, too for zing and sweetening it up. My poor cheap juicer just can’t handle the leafy greens so now I’m stalking eBay and Craigslist for cheap better ones…

  • Cookie

    Can you provide the nutritional stats for this one?

    Do you have a juice recipe that’s high in B vitamins?

  • Rachel

    Hey Caren! I love that you have asked for nutrition stats 🙂
    I will edit to the post.

    As for B vitamins, here are your highest vegetarian bidders:
    -lima bans
    -brussel sprouts
    -beet greens
    -mustard greens



    -chicory greens

    -new zealand spinach
    -paprika, thyme, rosemary

    B9 (folate):
    – tons of options here!
    – spinach
    – turnip greens
    – mustard greens
    – parsley
    – endive
    – dill
    – romaine

    Not a lot of options here for veggies. Nutritional yeast is really what you’ve got, or you need to obtain from your dairy/ carnivore sources.

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