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Look pretty…but how do they taste?Now, for a more exciting adventure:Veggie Coconut Balls

These could totally suck.

This week’s pulpy leftovers.

I decided to take this week’s mastication by products, cuisinart them together with some dates, cocoa, and tahini paste, roll them into balls with coconut and stick them in the freezer.

Now, while the Juicer and I seem to be on civil terms, the Cuisinart is my nemesis.  This is the machine that gleefully spews anything I put into it on the walls and ceilings.  The Cuisinart is the reason that my roommate looks fearfully at her lovely kitchen rugs when I want to cook.  The Cuisinart is the reason that there is now an official kitchen policy whereby I must investigate all surfaces of the kitchen – floors, refrigerator, ceiling, windows – during clean up.

What makes veggie coconut balls potentially delicious…or edible.

As Susan left for the States this morning for two weeks – and the cleaning ladies are coming before she returns –  I felt this would be a good time to risk squaring off.


The mastication was a bit…wet, but I persevered anyway.  A friend came over that evening to hang out, and I proudly pulled my balls from the freezer.

“These could be terrible,”  I confided cheerfully.

He is a very kind person, and took one.

He chewed, considering, “It’s not…awful.”

He took a second bite, “Oh.  There’s the beet.  What exactly did you put in?”

“Everything,”  I reply.  I took one.  The watery nature of the veggies had caused them to be slightly crunchy.   Beet.  Layered with cocoa.  And underlying…kale?  And stringy.

“Awful,” I declared.  “They are absolutely awful.”

He handed his back to me, “I think I can’t do anymore.”

I threw the all out.

“Maybe if I hadn’t included everything.  I mean, there are celery and ginger in there.  If it were just zuccini or apples or something.”

“There are recipes for that kind of stuff,” he said, “my sister does it all the time.  People do great stuff with the pulp.”

Recipes?  Imagine that.  Something to investigate.

Bliss balls, no so blissful. In the garbage.

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