Going Vegan, Ep. 21: The Racket

I found Alan in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of my vegan superdrink. “You’re eating all my vegan stuff.” “I’ll buy the next one,” he said.  “I used to drink this kind of stuff all the time.  [...]

How To: Doing Wheel with wrist issues

Join me and the YYoga 200-hour teacher trainees as we explore how to do Full Wheel when there are wrist issues. Great modifications so that you can help make this pose accessible to all your students!

How to: Headstand – Step by Step

Clear and simple steps for how to do and teach headstand. Look at common misalignments in order to help your students find their best path to stability and lightness.   This video was filmed [...]

Teaching Flow versus Power: what’s the difference?

These two styles look the same, so what’s the difference? At YYoga, we make a distinction between Flow and Power.  Now, these styles are very similar and use the same kinds of poses (sun [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 20: What to feed a vegan

My dedicated omnivore friend, Liz, had invited me over for a vegan lunch.  Now, Liz is one of the best cooks I know.  She is spectacular.  To watch her throw ingredients together in the kitchen [...]

Victoria Yoga Conference: 2013!

Rachel will be teaching at the Victoria Yoga Conference February 2-3rd, 2013.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to take advantage of her best insights from her years as a Teacher Trainer! [...]

Linking in flow classes: how to teach smart transitions

Have you been in a class where any of the following have occurred: The teacher (maybe it’s us) links 12 million poses on the same side.  Thighs are trembling.  Anger is mounting. The [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 19: Steph’s amazing Red Lentil Sweet Potato dish

My friend Steph came over for a vegan feast.  She offered to jump in the kitchen teach us how to make great vegan food. Alan was excited.  “Teach her everything,” he said, pointing at me.  “Just [...]

Juicing: Back in the Saddle!

I’ve been away from my precious, precious juicer since before my Christmas vacation, but today had the opportunity to whip up something delicious thanks to my SPUD delivery.  I ordered [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 18: Getting sick and the mystical “healing crisis”

I noticed I was feeling a little sick.  The left tonsil (still got ‘em) felt swollen. “Apparently begin vegan doesn’t mean you don’t get sick,” observes Alan cutely. “Apparently not,” I say.  [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 17: the Bridal Shower – and a kick ass quinoa salad

Ah, the Bridal Shower! I didn’t think to ask in advance if there would be vegan goodies.  As it turns out, the event was beautifully catered.  But the only thing I could eat besides the crackers [...]

Total Health Month: Day 2

My head hurts. As part of Total Health Month (THM), I have decided to forgo caffeine.  This is doubly hard after spending a week with my “always-have-a-pot-on” family over the [...]

Going Vegan, Ep. 16: Digestion, bloat, methane, global warming.

Time for a digestive check in Still flatulent.  Not as much.  But think about it: I’m not a very creative vegan yet, so my idea of a meal is a head of broccoli and some hummus.   Hmmmm, raw [...]

2013: A new kind of health

Over the holidays, my family and I hold our full tummies and moan things like, “When January hits, you better believe that we’re not going to eat like this anymore.”  The guilt [...]