Reflections from the River Styx: Near death experience.

I asked my Dad what is was like to come back from the dead. “Well, it was just dark and peaceful,” he said.  My Dad looks a little like Clint Eastwood. He’s got the same kind of squint and no [...]

How to: Wheel – strapping for shoulder stability

A good – if slightly claustrophobic way – of keeping the arms from splaying out in the ascent to Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana). Tips: I’d be less likely to use this on a really [...]

Wheel: modification for splaying legs and feet

Take a look at how the use of a simple block can transform the space and stability possible in Full Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana).  Notice how the upper body is also affected by the prop. Tips: set [...]

Wheel: Strap assist for spinal traction yumminess

Here is a two person partner assist for Full Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana).  This assist is perfect for those needing more space and stability through their lower back. Tips: place the straps at the [...]

Wheel: for wrist issues and tight shoulders – great partner assist

Anyone with wrist issues or tight shoulders knows that Wheel (Urdhva Dharusasna) can be hard to do. Here’s a simple and easy partner assist that you can do (keep it simple by not using [...]

How To: Forearm Stand

A marvelous doozy of a pose, Forearm Stand (pincha mayurasana) invites into a full inversion and a backbend a the same time. Here are clear and easy steps for safely instructing your students [...]

How to: Headstand with a prop assist

Teach your students to find the necessary stability for their upper backs with this simple block assist in Headstand. By placing the block at the level of the shoulder blades, you will help them [...]

How To: Handstand

Step by step guide into handstand. Here are some tips: Straight arms: Keeping the arms straight will keep you and your students out of “nose to floor” danger Midline: Hug the inner [...]

How to: Shoulderstand – Part 1 & 2

How to do and teach a safe and effective shoulderstand. Learn about why shoulderstand can be risky, why we prop, and how to make this pose safe for your students.

How to: Chaturanga!

Learn to do and teach an excellently positioned Chaturanga. Use props to find your best alignment and protect the delicate shoulder joint for repetitive stress injury. Check out as we do this is [...]

How to: Chaturanga to Updog

This is a challenging transition for the best of us! Check out these options that you can use to help both do this transition – as well as teach it to your students. Avoid [...]

How To: Handstand Prep

Join and and the YYoga 200-hour teacher trainees as we look at how to do and teach Handstand Prep. The secret is in the bent knees and the shoulder blades…. 🙂

How To: Supta Hasta Padangustasana

An awesome way to teach Supta Hasta Padangustasana – the floor gives you great feedback for your spine and the wall allows you to feel the turn out that tends to happen as our leg takes the [...]

How not “doing it all” makes your Muppets happy

I have this fantasy.  Involving many muppets. I attended an anatomy workshop last weekend with Diane Lee and LJ Lee.  Also attending was a constellation of health practitioners: chiropractors, [...]