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CoffeeOooohhh, coffee!  Coffee I miss you!  Ohhhh, your sweet, sweet caffeine-y goodness!

Well, I have to share, I’m not off to the most perfect of beginnings.  Let’s just start with coffee.

I’ve spent the last ten days in Hawaii, where I went a little overboard (okay – a LOT) with the kona deliciousness.  Oh, delicious kona coffee!  How yummy you are!  I wasn’t going to eliminate coffee completely from my diet right off the bat, but I showed up at the office and we’d run out.  Darn it!  I had some black tea, but friends, it is not the same.   Just.  Not.  The.  Same.  So I’ve spent the last 48 hours sleepy and with a headache (not helped by the red eye flight and jetlag, I’m sure).  Rather stubbornly, I haven’t taken any Advil.  Although I wasn’t really planning on eliminating caffeine right away, I don’t want to let all this headachey detox go to waste.   I’m going to stick to decaf coffee and teas.  I may get away from coffee and caffeinated tea entirely…but let’s not be too hasty.  This is admittedly a place where I’m a little fuzzy in the elimination diet.

Another hiccup to my start: I did my requisite Whole Foods trip (that’s one of the perks of healthy diet change – a gleeful trip to fill a shopping cart with all sort of permitted goodies), but I had forgotten that on my list is no citrus, corn, and potatoes.  Hmmmm, whoops.  They just seemed so healthy when I put them in my cart.  My tactic is to eat them all immediately and consider these first couple days a “ramping up” into the true elimination.  Also, I just realized I can’t eat mustard.  I love mustard.  Or popcorn.  I love popcorn.  Rats.

Other news?

Well, let’s just put it this way.  My guy decided to stay in Hawaii and extra week and I’m darn glad that he did, lest my veggie inspired emissions mar his image of me as a ladylike creature.  It’s been an exciting two days.

To recap:  what is currently out of my diet:

  • gluten, flour
  • soy (and soy sauce, oh, sad!)
  • dairy
  • nuts/seeds
  • legumes
  • alcohol
  • caffeinated coffee
  • eggs

I’m also going meatless here, but we’ll see how this goes.  Without nuts, seeds, or soy, I’ll have to stay aware of how I feel.




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