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drowning-in-plasti_1391171cMore distressing news from the Blue Front.

Colbert had a guest on this show named Captain Charles Moore, who discovered (or rather, did not discover, but talked about) the giant floating patch of garbage that can be found in the Pacific Ocean between Asia and North America.  He brought in a tub of plastic bits that had been taken off the shores of Hawaii.  Not encouraging.  Apparently instead of coral, our beaches will soon be made of old Tupperware and plastic baggies.

I also finished the Ocean book (“The World is Blue,” by Sylvia Earle).  It was hard to read.  Kind of like taking the Omega 3 oil that I’m supposed to take everyday.  Frankly, kind of unpleasant. (I’ve been neglecting my Udo’s Oil supplement lately.  The taste and texture just has done me in.)  Basically, we’ve depleted our fishing stocks and destroyed the sea floor so much that until something drastic is done, we are on a steep decline to no-happy-ocean-ville.  And no happy ocean-ville means no happy-people-ville.

Did you know that most of our oxygen comes from the ocean?  All the furor about the Amazonian rainforest – justified as is might be – has deterred our eyes from the more desperate question: what if we muck up the food chain in the ocean so much that the algae stops doing what we need it to do?

Not to mention that eating all these delicious top of the food chain fish (tuna, salmon, flounder, swordfish) means that we’re ingesting the compounded heavy metals (and yes, plastic) that these guys have been eating underwater for the last 100 years.  It also messes up the food chain by taking out the big boys.

AND, there’s also been some speculation lately about contamination from the Fukushima catastrophe.

So, I am concerned and a bit overwhelmed.  What do we do?  And what can I do in my own small little life to help make a difference in these global issues?

I take some solace in a quote from Gandhi: “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

One step at at time, my friends.  Or one mouthful.


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  • brian g

    Interesting blog R.S. albeit somewhat depressing. However, look on the bright side. If the history of our solar system were condensed into a 24 time clock. Human’s would have logged in, approximately 2 seconds ago.

    ‘Moral of the story’? Don’t get too comfortable, or too worried, you wont be here very long.

    As a matter of fact, we are all already gone, we just we just have’nt realized it yet.


  • stephanie

    In terms of supplementing, have you worked with chia or savi seeds for your omegas? Different sources and we vegans have to clock our DHA consumption but now there are vegan DHA supplements like this: and I know of a few others I get through vegan essentials or

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