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calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsIn November of this year, I themed my classes around “No”vember, essentially asking, what can we say “No” to…in order to say “yes” to something greater? * The premise is simple:

  • You are already complete
  • You already are your best self, and in your deepest self you know your highest vision for yourself (you know it because you hear that little voice that tells you when you’re veering off-course, and says “ahhhhh” when you’ve done the right thing!
  • Now, we simply gotta clear away the gunk that gets in the way…by saying no.

So, this year: the anti-new years resolution!

We often think the answer lies in doing more.  More gym, more vegetables, more work, more obligation, more tasks.  However, these kinds of obligations – though coming from an inspired desire to be better – often wind up weighing us down and becoming dreary rules that we feel compelled to follow.  When we can’t check everything off our unending list of self-improvement, we become despondent and feel that we’ve let ourselves down.

So, this year, rather than asking, what can I add onto my life to be better, ask yourself:

What can I let go of to let my best self come through?

Here are some examples:

  • Let go of obligations
  • Let go of old habits
  • Let go of fear
  • Let go of self-doubt
  • Let go of activities that don’t make you vibrant
  • Let go of should’s…in favor of really following your priorities

If you’d like something a little more physical to spur you on, this is the ideal time to:

  • Let go of old clothes
  • Let go of old kitsch that just takes up space
  • Clean out your photos
  • Clean out your junk drawers
  • Clean out your bookshelves
  • Clean out your desk
  • Clean out your kitchen
  • Clean out your appliances

Not only will you lighten your own load, but you can bring your goodies to the Salvation Army and make a New Years’ donation at the same time!

Feel free to share your inspirations and stories.

Happy New Year!


* Originally inspired by my fabulous friend Shandy Rae Scarfo (check out The Naked Sprout  in Whistler). She did a “no” vember theme a couple years back in her yoga class that I loved.

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