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Well, my first evening of exploring Web 2.0, and I went a bit crazy. First of all, checking out other people’s Twitter feeds caused me to feel self-conscious about the shabby graphics on my Twitter feed, so I had to update those. Then I started reading articles from sites I was lurking on and decided to blog about what I was discovering (ie: trying a paleo diet). This in turn led to some tweeting and tagging (tagging is never something I’ve put effort into, to I’m curious to see what happens!).

I’ve decided to include my educational blog within the context of my current website. I’m not sure if this is inspired, or a really bad idea 🙂 It seems kind of cool to include educational musings within the fabric of my digital presence, rather than partitioning them out – particularly since I like the “identity-in-process” thing …and my website is about education. Shall we only show our shiny and perfect endings? Or is it satisfying to revel in the process, like a puppy wriggling in the dirt for fun? More life, less brand…

Also, I was struck by Axel Bruns “non-scarcity” refrain. Whereas I have previously had an idea of content as being rigid, fixed, and quantifiable, I am beginning to think that content and brand identity can be an organic, messy, and collaborative process that moves forward. In other words, no one will read this in three months unless they’re really looking. And if they’re really looking, then I’m pleased that they will have found it.

This photo is from one of a stock free photo site recommended by Joshua.

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