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Here’s how the day broke out:

  • Breakfast of eggs, squash, spinach, hummus.
  • Lunch: steamed greens, omega 3 dressing, and a chunk of sweet potato.
  • Dinner: turkey, walnuts, squash.
  • And my yummy stevia, unsweetened almond milk, cocoa delight.

So…no rice, no flours, just whole plain recognizable foods full of goodness. Wasn’t hungry for hours after my solid breakfast. For a gal who routinely lives on coffee for the first four hours of the day, eating something substantial in the AM seems decadent! I’m growing curious about taking a more deliberate paleo approach to my “no sugar month”, but have a few questions.

For example, are my beloved hummus and the cream in my coffee “legal?” Do I need to replace cream with grass-fed butter and bullet proof it up (um, by the way, bulletproof coffee is one of the most delicious things ever…but you do need a blender).  And is hummus okay? Legumes? Squash okay? For me, the “you can eat duck, quail, rabbit, bison, or lamb!” is not tempting diversification. I’m currently seeking advice on some paleo twitter feeds to see what I can turn up (and I’m also curious about what kind of response I get through twitter pleas, never having gone the route of relying on the kindness of social media strangers).

So everyone, any suggestions? Or- more importantly – any sugar and flour free favourite treats in your recipe books to keep me strong when the days get a-weary?

Right now the novelty of eating as many nuts as I want is pretty intoxicating….but that may wane after I empty a few more bags of walnuts.

Love your Anti-Sugar-Plum Fairy.


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  • Christina

    Hi Rachel! I found you through DoYogaWithMe and am a huge fan of your videos there. I just wanted to chime in on your Paleo adventures. I was a sugar addict and decided to give up sugar about 5 years ago. I’ve had ups and downs and fallen off the wagon at times, but I have a much healthier relationship with food now. I slowly went Paleo, giving up grains, eating more nuts and seeds, and trying to eat a lot more fat. I just recently gave up dairy, as I found it was causing some digestive issues. As far as the “rules” of Paleo, I think it’s important to experiment with eliminating and adding different foods over time to find out what makes you feel best. I don’t subscribe to the idea of a single plan that works for every person. The very best resource I have found on the Paleo/Primal lifestyle is Mark’s Daily Apple, a blog run by Mark Sisson, who wrote The Primal Blueprint. Mark’s site has a wealth of information, but more importantly is liberally sprinkled with links to scientific research to back up his viewpoints. I’d definitely recommend checking out the archives there if you’re just getting started! Good luck!

  • Rachel

    Christina, thank you so much for the response and suggestions! I will check out Mark’s daily apple today 🙂 I LOVE scientific research, so I’m sure I’ll be a fan, too. I’ve wondered about dairy! Cheese certainly causes me issues, but I do confess to being an absolute addict to my coffee with cream. I think you’re right; experimentation will be the key. I’m excited about this new culinary adventure. Thanks for checking in!

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