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I’m usually a hangry girl.

Vata-deranged, angry glint in my eye, don’t-get-between-me-and-my-chocolate-at-3pm kind of person. But the last couple of days, my body has felt…well, weirdly satiated. I eat a big ol’ breakfast at around 9  and don’t even really feel hungry for lunch. That isn’t to say that I haven’t craved an apple (oh, the idea of something sweet makes my lips just pucker!), but I haven’t had the “must eat” crashy crazies that I usually get every couple hours throughout the day.

This remarkable change testifies to the dependency that my body had developed for quick sugar. Now that I’ve taken sugar rich foods off  menu, I’m just not as tempted to reach for the nearest turkey drumstick. Also, the foods that I’ve been eating are higher in fat and lead to longer-lasting satiation: avocados, lean meats, squash, omelettes with coconut oil. I had of course heard about this miraculous shift in the “hanger-pangs,” but it’s rather startling to actually experience it.

My body is…quiet. Less distracted. Less noisy. I’m not obsessing about when I’ll get my next sugar/ caffeine fix, because things are humming along.

What will week two bring?

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  • Nicole

    Hi Rachel,

    I think that is great! Do natural sugars count? or just sugary treats?

    Nicole Reid

  • Rachel

    Hi Nicole! For the month of July I’m going sans natural sugars: so no fruit! Although I am REALLY enjoying my squash and sweet potatoes 🙂 So that means I’m choosing to eat foods that aren’t high in natural sugars as well (though I’m not going to be totally restrictive about this, so I’m avoiding corn, wheat, rice, grains, flours, pastas, sugared nut milks (unsweetened okay), potatoes, carrots. So basically I’m eating proteins (eggs, meats), vegetables (dark and green for the most part!), nuts, my beloved squash, and some dairy (love my cream in my coffee). And tons of water. I’m thirsty!

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