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I’m back to my food shenanigans people. Back with a vengeance.

Oh, the food adventures that I have been having!

Well, since we last connected about food, I have become interested in the power of paleo. Just a little. That’s right, I’m exploring what it’s like to run with the dinosaurs (I know that statement is completely historically inaccurate, but since I also know you’ve just seen Jurassic World, you probably won’t mind).

A couple of months ago, I decided that something needed to change. Some of you may have been privy (ahem, excuse the pun) to my first few rounds of food diaries exploring veganism and juicing. Well, the passion for food experimentation never really dies, and now it’s taken a different turn. I went to see a wonderful Ayurvedic doctor, Todd Caldecott, here in Vancouver. And I also saw a naturopath….And an acupuncturist. (Never one to sideline Western medicine, I saw my GP and a gastroenterologist as well.)  Essentially, they all said the same thing:

  • Hey, vata deranged yogi, stop eating things that are cold.
  • Eat warm, nourishing foods.
  • No more salads.
  • Eat some fat.
  • Eat some meat.

Todd was full of good, common-sense suggestions to try to get me back on track (eat early, eat fewer meals, avoid flours). But I must confess that I’m not always the best student (although I really, really try). I often forget to take my tinctures when I’m supposed to and I fall off the wagon and gorge on frozen fruit while watching Game of Thrones.  (“You’e obsessed with eating frozen fruit?” Todd had mused and frowned, “Cold. Too cold for vata. Probably not the best.”)

At any rate, friends, that brings me here.

Inspired by my wonderful friend and yogini, Janet, I am going to go for a sugar free July.

This choice means:

  • no refined sugar
  • no honey, molasses, agave syrup, etc
  • no alcohol
  • no frozen fruit (oh friends, how I wanted to write, “limited!” But I will endeavour!)
  • no flours

Now, I know that flours aren’t sugar, but they’re not great for you, so I’m going to go flour free. Not just gluten free, all flour free. If I can’t tell what it is, then I’m not going to eat it. This little plan will go well with my possible Paleo explorations. More on that to come. But for now, we’re starting with the sugar.

What do you say? Anyone want to come on board for a week?

May the non-sugar games begin!

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