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I had no idea.

Rather than endlessly trowel the net in search of information, or – god forbid! – visit websites, here is news coming to me. Like a little child with a basket of presents, all these goodies in one little place!

And I had no idea.

While I understood the idea of subscribing to feeds, I didn’t realize that I could have a one-stop shop where all those feeds were listed. Mama mia, it’s like a world of wonder! How much easier does this make navigating the informational deluge that is the web!

“The Internet and Mobile Revolutions enhance the ability to coordinate and control at a distance, so that goods and services can come from multiple locations.”

– Networked

Web control and information navigation is now all about filtration rather than acquisition. No longer do we live in a deprived world of content; the task now is to meaningfully navigate the enormous amount of information out there to avoid overload and engage in communities that have the most relevance for us.

“The effects of this shift are multiple: they include an explosion in the amount, breadth, and depth of available content on a wide variety of topics, from a growing number of sources; an increase in the number of perspectives available on any one topic, and subsequently also growing discussion, debate, and (in a number of cases) deliberation of and between these divergent views; an acceleration of (continuing) updates to the available information and knowledge on virtually any field of human endeavour; and the emergence of a wide variety of opportunities for users to become active produsers of such informational resources, by making their own contribution to these ongoing endeavours.”

-Beyond Difference: Reconfiguring Education for the User-Led Age, Axel Bruns

May I step into the riptide! At least now I feel like I have a paddle.

I’m using feedly. What do you like?

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  • Kendall

    Hi Rachel- Thanks for sharing information on Feedly. I am on the go most weekdays and love the opportunity to grab information quickly so I can read it between flights, waiting for appointments, eating meals alone, or even while I’m flying.

    Allison Peters recommended Digg- and while I’m not yet certain it’s the same as Feedly, I’m going to explore both as options to follow everyone’s blogs and see what I can find in App format that is easily accessible from my iPhone.

  • learninglust

    I’m so happy that there is someone else just as enthusiastic as I was about RSS feed readers! I had somewhat heard about these a few years back, but until this class, I never TRIED one. I’ve been trying to get HootSuite to work for me, because I fancy the idea of doing all of my class interaction in one place. But, at some point I think I may have connected my Twitter to another HootSuite account? And I can’t seem to connect any of our other classmates’ blogs to to the reader (only the class blog). I need to invest more time to figure it out…

    I also wish these readers worked with Blackboard class sites. That would be IDEAL. One can dream, no?

  • Rachel

    Hi Kendall! Keep me posted on what you discover! I am not obsessed with Feedly – AND it’ll help me clean out my inbox of newsletters!!! OH JOY!!!

  • Rachel

    Ah, the dream!!! I use Hootsuite and LOVE it! stick with the on-boarding pains, it’ll be worth it. I can post to every account at once, which is great because I don’t really like to work too hard 😉 With feedly, I wonder if there’s a minimum number of blogs someone has to have before it “recognizes” the feed? However, you can get mine on there if you input my website! (I checked ;)) Maybe the feed has to be activated within the blog?

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