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This morning I’ve been inspired to revisit my Twitter feed and actively peruse profiles of people that I admire. I can see how immediate this medium is, trying to create lists (including one for FSU) to try to organize how I receive information from my different communities. It is better to specialize, or shine the whole human forward? I’ve received advice to tweet and instagram my life – not must shiny, brand images. I think this debate will continue on as I negotiate how to share myself via these threads and chirps.

Thank goodness for hootsuite to help regulate some of the information flow and partition out for later sharing! A most excellent tool for scheduling shares and posts and tweets and links, oh my!

Contemplating uses of social media – I’ve heard so many opinions: “It’s all about people’s egos,” “Everyone is self-promoting,”  “People are just looking for validation.” While there may be truth to this – just as we seek validation and acceptance in any conversation – I am happy to begin dismantling these rather presumptive assumptions. Inspired this morning by this quote from “Networked.”

“People are not hooked on gadgets – they are hooked on each other.”

I see how the medium facilitates the message.  So, how much do we think the medium is the message?

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