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This week I dove in and drowned. I got too excited about incorporating the tools from last week immediately and entirely into my  life. As a result, Twitter,, Facebook, and the blog took up a lot of my time, and I didn’t spend enough time exploring the new tools on the agenda.


Diigo looks amazing, but felt completely counter-intuitive to me. I have used it fumblingly to annotate before, but never really explored how this can be useful or shared. Just sort of highlighted something and thought, “Oh, cool! Now…what?” As I dove in for another go, I found myself lost in “lists” and “outliners” and having a hard time figuring how to track entries or move them easily. I am excited about Diigo and see its value; I hope to create more time this week to explore it at a less frantic pace.


Pinterest is one that I’ve encountered before but never really explored and used. A visual scrapbook for images and video, Pinterest is – as a marketing friend of mine says – “girly.” I haven’t gone much into this world before, but again dipped my toes back in. The amount of social sharing that’s possible is incredible, although Pinterest is not reciprocal. That is, you don’t have to both “like” each other to pin stuff and see someone else’s board. I am interested in considering how these different tools work differently socially. For example, Facebook is mutual like (reciprocal), while Twitter and Pinterest are non-reciprocal. Like Tinder versus Plenty of Fish. Again, I’ve only just dipped my toes in here, but I’ll continue to play with it and see what happens.

To summarize, I got my butt kicked a bit this week. The combination of finishing teaching our 200-hour yoga teacher training with the fractal and ever-inward-spiralling obsession with our first week’s tools is encouraging me to take a breath and not go too far too fast.  Hard to resist the freeway, but I need to take the back roads and keep the speed limit for awhile longer. Until my internal tech is upgraded to a Porsche. Bad metaphor complete.


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  • Vanessa

    Yes, it’s necessary to pace oneself. I bet the same is true of yoga 🙂

  • Rachel


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