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So, how do I feel after 30 days on a sugar-free diet?

Summary: Good. Not life changing, but solid. Lost weight, gained diversity. 

Here’s a run down of the changes.

  1. I’ve lost weight.

While that wasn’t the intention going into this, it’s pretty remarkable to see how the pounds have shifted. And interestingly, I’ve been working out less this month and abstaining from cardio (mostly because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel without my usual carbs holding me up). Who knew that you could eat whole avocadoes and cashews and get leaner? But I did. Rather satisfying for a 41-year-old who’s heard a bushel-full of stories about aging and inevitable weight gain.

  1. Lean strength, slightly wimpier.

Usually I’m a TRX/ YFit fiend, but this month I’ve been holding off. Combination of a whacked out travel schedule and also just taking a break. So I noticed that I’ve lost some strength, but whether that’s because of the diet or because I’ve been a lazy ass is hard to tell. But what I have done instead is gone back to the fundamentals of integrity. Alignment. Glutes. Stabilizers. Posture. So although I don’t feel “YFit” strong right now (Travis’s YYoga class would kick my butt), I feel lean and strong. Yoga strong, if you will. Lighter. As if because I’ve bulked down, I’m not relying on the superficial muscles strength to pull me through, but am exploring how I can be more integrated. I’m interested to add some YFit/ TRX back into my world and see what happens.

  1. I have a caffeine addiction.

This is not news at all, actually.

But let’s just say that I like treats. And when you’re sugar free, hot beverages are treats. I don’t think I’m going to kick my caffeine habit soon, but it’s something that bears exploring. September, perhaps? Eeeeee, just the thought makes me cringe. I have to choose a month where it’s okay if I’m cranky for a couple days.

  1. I have discovered new foods.
  • SQUASH. You’ve heard me wax eloquent. So good.
  • Bouillon. Yes, you got it. Put some bouillon in a mug with hot water, make yourself some broth, and yum!
  • Nuts. I always stayed away from them because they seemed so high in fat and hard to digest. Now I’m a nut fiend. Still not sure it’s great for my digestion, I’ll start soaking those suckers the night before (thanks Steph Belding for that tip!).
  • GDS: good done simple. Good foods, simply done. Roast them, bake them, eat them, and you’re good.
  • Spices! Curry is my favorite, easiest go to. Bake it on cauliflower. Trying out a medley of rubs that are pre-mixed. And salt. Yes, salt. Not too much, but wow! No wonder people like this stuff.
  • Bubbly water. I’ve been thirsty this month. Enter a slight (ahem, severe) Pellegrino obsession.
  • Avocado. Cut it open, add a little salt, eat. Yum.
  • Cucumber. Cut up, drizzled with a bit of salt. Perfect snack.
  • Coconut oil. On everything.

Verdict? Will I continue?

Heck yeah!

It’s been strangely easy.  Now, I do think I need to watch a couple of creeping crutches, such as salt, caffeine, and nut intake. And I’m curious to feel my body as I add more cardio and strength building exercises into my routine.

One of the unexpected benefits of embarking on this adventure has been the community. So many wonderful people have come forward to share their success stories, commiserate, and jump on the challenge wagon. I’m excited to participate in our August challenges and see how we all fare – to share our go-to solutions, our unexpected discoveries, and greatest challenges.

If you’re interested, jump on board our Page with us and begin your August revolution! It can be as mild or as full on as you like. Do the month, or just come in for the week. Starting August 1 (aw heck, I’m posting late – join on in August 2nd!) and August 9th.

I celebrated the end of my first 30 days last night by sharing a glass of Dom Perignon with a girlfriend.  Um, awesome. It was sugary. And divine.


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  • Shayne

    I’m interested to hear how you feel tomorrow morning after your Dom Perignon this evening. The first time I had sugar after I had been sugar free for a while, I was actually miserable. I had a terrible headache. I hope it doesn’t happen to you, but, let us know how you feel!

  • Rachel

    Hi Shayne!
    I had the Dom on the 30th and I woke up – thankfully – without a headache 🙂 Glad you joined the group! Sounds like you’ve been down this road, love any resources/ advice you care to post!

  • Jenyfa

    I tried to do this but failed. I thought I had no self control but in fact I went vegan for 6 years so that in it self is self control I think. What is something one can do to get themselves on the right track? I want to do this for the 6 weeks im in Vancouver (currently in Australia) I have been bad and its my fiances fault even though he claims to be health nut as well.

  • Rachel

    LOL. It’s not your fiance’s fault and you are not bad 🙂 So let’s start with that. Probably the best thing you can learn to do is to disappoint your fiance’s expectations (it’s a good skill to cultivate for a happy marriage long-term…the ability to lovingly disappoint someone we care about in order to uphold something we need for ourselves). Set yourself up for success by stocking up on good things. Treat it like you did when you were vegan. Some things are just not on the table, period, end of story, no negotiation. When your brain starts to wheedle with you and whine (“I can’t disappoint them!” “I don’t want to miss out on the fun!” “I deserve chocolate!”), cut it off and focus on something else. A mantra can be useful, “I don’t need it.” “Silly mind, it’s just a distraction craving.” “Fun is freedom, I want to learn how to have fun without getting drunk.” Whatever if might be for you. What most gets in the way? When do you reach for the sugar, wine, cake, (insert treat here)? Remember, it’s a temporary change! One day at a time. And the occasional goof is part of the plan. Join our facebook group for moral support!! You CAN do it!!:)

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