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I relish new beginnings: new diets (oh my sugar free, pegan fads…you know me!), New Year’s Resolutions, yoga practice plans, website launchings.  I get this rush, a burst of bright satisfaction. The start is intoxicating: I’m making a plan, I’m doing it, yippee!

But then, some way down the line, upholding my intention becomes, well, boring. 

I’m going to the gym, and now it’s part of the routine. I am eating better, and it’s status quo. The initial shine of doing something different and better! has given way to a humdrum-this-is-just-part-of-my-life-feeling.

This is the moment where we “fall off the wagon”  – because we forget there’s a moving wagon in the first place! It’s only a couple weeks later after I’ve eaten three boxes of Timmy Hoho’s do I think, huh, wait a minute. Where was that wagon again? Oh crap, now it’s three miles ahead. Then I’m running again to catch up. And again setting shiny new intentions.

Upholding our best self doesn’t always have to be an uphill battle. Sometimes being our best is about the plateau, the easy cruise, the staying with of our current momentum. Rather than climbing a mountain, now we just have to show up and do it. Even it’s boring. Especially when it’s boring. Because this is the time when we are integrating this change into the fabric of who we are.

Yes, enjoy the rocket launch of your start, but let’s not be seduced by that fleeting emotional high of momentary change. Once that rocket gets into outer space, there will come a point where it will cruise on its own momentum. Like in our relationships, that first sense of heady in love intoxication will fade. Our job is to recognize and get comfortable with the fact that change – at some point – loses its lustre.

Boring is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Boring signifies that we are becoming.  “Boring” means that it’s working.

So get on your rocket. And enjoy that mother-loving boring ride.

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