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I slept an unprecedented 10 hours last night. That’s right. Ten.

For a gal who usually weighs in under 7, 10 felt like a luxury only reserved for vacation or illness.  Oh, and then I had a nap. For an hour.

What the what?

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been chronically underslept since my early twenties, or perhaps it’s simply that this weekend is the first time I’ve been able to unwind a bit. Who can say for sure? But science does keep beating us over the head: Sleep is good for you.

The Paleo movement (which I’ve been dabbling in for the last few months) is not just about food. They’re also big on sleep. In fact, sleep ranks #1 on Paleo Gugu Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple this week   – for tips on building lean muscle mass! Go figure!

Check out these recent articles from reputable sources:

And now go on. Nap.


*My mom says, “I really noticed an improvement in my sleep when I started wearing a sleep mask!” She petitioned me to put this link in. Enjoy!

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  • Nikki

    Thank you for raising sleep and the paleo ‘diet’! I took some of Mark’s tips on board around food and sleep for the past 2 years (breastfeeding toddler every 2hours overnight!). Big help! Thank you for listing some good sleep articles too – for someone recovering from chronic sleep deprivation (doctors thought I’d had a stroke) this information is helpful and something I can share with others when they might be dismissive of the importance of sleep.

  • Rachel

    Wow – that’s really eye opening (sleep deprivation/ stroke confusion)! For those who aren’t convinced sleep deprivation is important, here’s living proof. Thanks for sharing Nikki!

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