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It was day one and I was already befuddled.

First of all, allow me to confess that I drank a glass of wine. I know, I know! SO not paleo! But I just moved into a new apartment, and a glass of wine was the perfect toast to end my Ikea-bed-assembly-beg-my-neighbor-for-help-adventure. And – I’ll have you know: “Wine is often considered to be the closet thing we’ve got to paleo-friendly alcohol. There are various organic options – red wine in particular” (Ultimate Paleo Guide). So there you go.

Other than the wine, Day 1 had started so brightly.

Food on Day 1:

  • cashews
  • coffee with cream (my exception to the vegan guideline is the necessity of cream in my coffee)
  • tofu, greens, broccoli lunch
  • yam, spinach, cauliflower dinner

However, I then remembered that tofu wasn’t paleo. Whoops.

Um, and neither were any beans. Or legumes of any kind.  So no hummus. No soy. No rice. Oh dear. No nuts either.

Friends, maybe it was the Ikea bed, or maybe it was just the threat of no hummus, but I lost heart.

Confession, dear reader: I full failed the pegan.

Now, I may try it another time. But for now, I am content so simply recuperate from Thanksgiving and get back to my relatively sugar-free ways. Because post pumpkin pie, there’s some work there to be done.

Happy Thanksgiving lovelies.

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