In tips for teachers

A classic.

Component Parts:

  • backbending (thoracic)
  • upper arms in flexion/ external rotation
  • hip flexors open
  • core engaged (lightly)
  • neutral hips



  • sit in virasana on blocks (meditation/ teacher talking, breathing etc) – find midline (squeeze block lightly)
  • interlace hands – take arms above head. reverse hand grip, repeat
  • cat/ cow (focus on movement of thoracic spine
  • dancing cat – core integration even when arm in flexion (don’t pop ribs)

Warm Up

  • 3 sun salutation A’s
  • intermediate/ advanced – add 2 B’s

Targeted Warm Up

  • Thread A (open hips) – right leg (these poses are linked)
    • Vinyasa to Dog
    • Right leg to 3-legged Dog
    • Step through to Warrior II
    • Parsvakonasana (arm over ear)
    • Warrior II
    • Three-legged dog then step right foot through to…
  • Thread B (closed hips):
    • High lunge
    • Open Twist
    • Lizard
    • Vinyasa to Dog
  • Repeat Thread A and Thread B on the left side
  • Intermezzo: Cobra, Sphinx
    • Finish vinyasa to front of mat
  • Thread C (closed hips):
    • Chair with block between hands – hover step back to …
    • High lunge – add backbend
    • Closed twist (parivrtta parsvakonasana)
    • Standing split (option stand up to chair)
    • Tadasana
    • Repeat left side
  • Intermezzo – Salabhasana, Sphinx with thigh stretch, Dhanurasana
  • Thread D (closed hips):
    • Chair with backbend
    • Vira III
    • High lunch with backbend
    • Low lunge with quad stretch
    • Plank – Dolphin (shoulder opener)
  • Peak
    • Bridge
    • Wheel
  • Cooldown
    • Janu Sirsasana
    • Ardha Matsyendrasana
    • Paschimottanansana
    • Meditation
    • Savasana


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  • Sophie Petit

    Great Flow write up Rachel, I do something similar to this in the morning before i start writing articles. You are just going to want to go slower with this in the morning, even if you have had your coffee lol.

  • One Karate Mom

    Thank you so much for sharing this sequence. Will be perfect for me to incorporate into my day!

  • Rene Choudhary

    great information… i am also yoga teacher and working since 2013,,,,,, thax Rachel

  • Daniel E. Hampton

    Thank you for sharing. It’s good for me. Thanks Rachel.

  • Sue T. Tripp

    Thank for sharing. That’s what i need for my yoga.

  • Michal S. Pickering

    It’s a softly way to start a new day, thank you Rachel for this post.

  • Kimberley

    I am super inspired by your posts! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am a new Yoga teacher so this sequencing will really help when I am putting together a class.

  • Rachel

    Hi Kimberley! So happy you have found it helpful. Let me know if there are any particular sequences that you’d like to see; I’m happy to brainstorm and add a post 🙂

  • Katia

    This sounds like a great flow! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing

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