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Vadim and David got in touch with me because they’d created a product that they thought may help foot-shy yogis out: YogiSocks.

Now, socks for yoga are not a new idea.  ToeSox are the rather fancy original that go for $16-$18 a pair. For the same price, Vadim and David will send you six pairs in a box. In a nutshell, these are cotton socks with little rub pads on them that prevent slippage.

I had some friends try them out, and one size really does seem to fit all. We cavorted on carpet and on hardwood and found the socks to be comfortable and to hold their grip surprisingly well. The little stickies are in the right place and the socks fit all our different foot sizes easily. The gals also liked the fun colors.

  • If you have foot fungi (sorry folks, awful truth here) or are shy about showing your feet, then these are an inexpensive alternative to sliding around in your regular cotton socks on potentially slippy yoga floors.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Fun colors.
  • Breathable cotton.
  • Useful if you want the option to practice mat-free.
  • Potentially good for sweaty feet.
  • I could see using these for Pilates or martial arts classes, or for just walking around on your slippy floors at home. Frankly, I could see using these in teacher training, when students are prone to leap up and do poses on hardwood floors and potentially slip. Freaks me out!
  • Fun colors (not everyone likes pink).
  • Most yogis don’t use socks because we like to be barefoot.
  • The stick factor is redundant on most yoga mats, because they are already sticky.
  • Not sure about longevity, especially if you use them because you sweat.

Alignment of values here is uncertain:

  • health-promoting: Yes, if you have foot fungi, these could be a great little helper!
  • celebrates authenticity: If you consider that choosing to wear socks is an assertion of personality.
  • emotionally elevating: Depends how much you love your socks.
  • educational: Nil.
  • high-quality: Unsure.
  • eco-friendly/ globally mindful: Unsure.
  • celebrates community: Unsure.


  • Amazon link to check them out.
  • Your 15% off promo code: XMXA8Z27

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  • Kyle Mikami

    These socks are awesome! I am very self conscious about my feet and these finally give me a way to not slip everywhere!

  • Louis

    Never thought of wearing socks while practicing yoga… but it can be interesting, especially because the mat get sometimes a bit slippery with the sweat. I’ll take a look at it, thanks Rachel

  • Mansi Kharola

    Good post! Here in the Uk I attended my first yoga class 2 years ago. It was in the local village hall with a wonderful experienced teacher who I still see and gain so much form today, although in a similar senecio to J’s above we had to leave the hall a couple of years ago due to regular increasing rents. Over the years I’ve ended up in no end of gyms, spas and fancy yoga spaces none of which had any of the ‘old school charm’ of my favourite village hall class. There was so much time and space there to absorb and really feel your practice, whereas some of the other places I’ve practiced in just seem so fake.
    It’s very encouraging to hear in the other comments that there are still small independent yoga groups thriving in the world. There are still some to be found here too but I find the main trend here at the moment is to ‘blend’ yoga with almost any other form of exercise you can attach it to

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