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Alright alright, I know that everyone out there has an article about the best yoga pants. So I’m going to weigh in and also provide a couple of links to some reviews that are out there.

First of all, let me say that I am not a fashion horse. I have been known to practice yoga in jeans and my sweaties and don’t really care what I’m wearing as long as I can move and don’t chafe. That said, not all products are created equal. And when I teach, it’s helpful to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed.

Lululemon is top dog for a very good reason. Great fabrics, good fit, nice detailing, and the clothes endure (in my experience). And I’m the jerk that puts them all in the dryer, too. I know that Lulu gear can get expensive, but I think it’s worth the price tag. Lulu also does pockets really well, which is not to be underestimated. Since I occasionally jog and work out in my yoga pants (in those activities, I am a bit more fussy about fit and fabrics), I really appreciate Lulu’s passion for being user-friendly and functional.

While Lulu is excellent standard wear, they don’t do crazy fun designs. For simple beauty, my favorite pants are made by the folks at Dharma Bums. Their designs are stunning and unique. Despite my personal lack of fashion sense, I get compliments on these pants every time I wear them because they’re so darn cute. But more importantly, Dharma Bums fit really well and the fabric is excellent. It’s soft, light, and durable. Great for practicing yoga and works just fine for a light sweat.

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So: my two product go to’s? Lululemon and Dharma Bums. Both great for different reasons.

Here’s some more reviews of yoga pants.

Also, a quick caveat. Although I don’t wear shoes when I’m doing yoga, some people actually really like to have something on their feet when they practice, either because their feet get super sweaty or because they’re practicing sans mat. If you’re looking to investigate what you should put on your feet when you practice, check out more on this from the folks at Nicer Shoes. They did a little recon for you!

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  • Sally Hutcheon

    Hi Rachel! My biggest pet peeve in yoga pants is material that shows sweat marks. I always seem to sweat at yoga even in an unheated room and I’d rather not be walking out with a visibly sweaty crotch, thanks.

  • Rachel

    I know what you mean!!
    I find that Dharma Bums work great with some sweat. In my experience, the interesting designs keep the fabric from getting that kind of look. Solid colors tend to show sweat more.

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