Excerpt from Yogi’s Guide to Dating: Chapter 4

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Hi everyone! Here’s a sneak peek from Chapter 4. Yogi’s Guide to Dating is coming out soon! Are you getting excited??

“What’s Tinder?” I ask.

“Where have you been?” My roommate stares at me. “It’s, you know, the swiping thing,” she says, making a slashing finger gesture. “You swipe right for ‘yes,’ or left for ‘no.’”

“The swiping thing?”

My roommate sighs, “Yes, you know, you swipe right or left on their profile pic, if you both swipe right, then it’s a match and then you can chat.”

“You base it on a picture?” I wrinkle my nose, “Wow, that sounds superficial.”

My roommate rolls her eyes, “Welcome to this century, Lava Life. You start by making an online profile. C’mon, pull out your phone.”

“Now?” I hedge.

“You said you want something to be different. So now you have to do something different. She grabs my phone. “First stop: Tinder.”

“Oh God.”

What could Tinder possibly have to do with yoga? Hold onto your hats, my friends, because you are about to find out. In fact, you’re going to see how Tinder is actually a powerful vessel for evolving your personal human potential.

It’s just cleverly disguised as a dating app.

While your fundamental nature is pure, unchanging awareness (your Big Self, as discussed in chapter three), you also have the opportunity to be embodied in a human form (your Little Self) that is living in the material world (Prakriti). Like Neo from the Matrix, you are in a virtual reality game called, “Being a human being on planet Earth.” And within your little human suit, your soul is having a grand adventure, filled with drama, emotions, victories, and defeats.

While it may be a game, it is a serious game. And it matters how you play.


We – humans – have a rare quality on this planet: consciousness.

By consciousness, I am referring to your remarkable ability to be mindful and reflective. Unlike your cat, your dog, or your favourite hamster, you have the ability to stop, take a breath, and decide what you want to do. And with every choice that you make, you create and reveal who you are.

Let’s take that again. Read it slowly:

With every choice that you make, you create and reveal who you are.


Lila means “divine play.” Lila describe the ultimate play of the Universe, which has been set into motion so that the universe can express and reveal itself in all of its diversity. Think of the singularity before the big bang: everything in the Universe was encapsulated in a pure point of energy-matter-consciousness. As soon as the Big Bang happened, the Universe exploded out and began to cool. As the Universe cooled, the myriad potential forms within that original singularity began to be expressed. The material world is actually the fabric of Universal Consciousness, expressing itself through divine play. And that includes you.

We are creating the world – and the collective identity of humanity – with every single action that we take. And through our actions, we decide which qualities we want to see expressed and upheld in the world. Are you lamenting the lack of compassion in the world? Act more compassionately! Do you want to see more bravery in the world? Step into your own fear. Do you want the world to have more love? Be more loving.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – Anonymous

You are not separate from the seething, glorious world: you are an intrinsic part of it. You are the very fabric of the Universe. Every thing that you do – large or small – creates the world as you go. Each positive step that you take forward propels humanity towards a better version of itself….


More coming soon!

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