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I pretty much suck at meditation. Honestly, I know I’m not supposed to admit to these things, but getting myself to sit on a cushion is sometimes like dragging a recalcitrant mule up a hill. This app was recommended to me by a yoga teacher friend of mine, and here’s why love it:

You can just do one minute.

That’s right. Just one minute. And anyone can do that, right?

Spearheaded by anchorman Dan Harris, 10% happier is that app that makes meditation accessible. I know there are a ton of apps out there for meditation, but I really love this app’s style. You start with a minute (and that’s really okay) and are given the opportunity to continue for more. When you hit one minute, you can stay for five. When you hit five minutes, you can stay for ten. But one minute is fine.

Featuring meditations by some wonderful teachers like Sharon Salzman and Joseph Goldstein (to name a few), you get a hit of a bunch of different meditation styles. The free version of the site has lots of options, or you can subscribe for $8/month to have access to more meditations and courses. Actual meditator act as “coaches” if you want to ping someone for help. The app can also track your meditation times and remind you meditate.

What are you waiting for? 1 minute only!

I wrote these guys and gushed at them about how much I like their app, and they sent me along a promo to share with YOU. 🙂



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  • Donné

    Part of my new year’s resolution… the ap will come in handy, thanks for sharing =)

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