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Who needs a night time cuddle case for to tuck in your iPhone?

The folks at Bagby believe that “people, especially couples, are increasingly disconnected from each other” so they started a #PhoneFreeBedroomChallenge. Basically, you put your phone into this little carrier and keep it out of the bedroom. Partners agree that they’re going to keep devices out of the bedroom in order to connect more with each other. Less devices = more intimacy. Which is a great idea. I love the idea of a #screenfreebedroom. In addition to giving you more organic connect time with your loved one, you also have the added benefit of descreening your pre-sleep time, which is better for getting a good night’s rest.

So, why do you need a designated Bagby sac to have a phone free bedroom? Well, the truth is that you absolutely don’t. You could designate a charging spot in the kitchen and put your phones there just as easily. But there IS something very mindful and sweet about the Bagby sac. If you are your partner are screen addicts, then a deliberate “no phone” ritual could be a helpful way to help uphold your intention. And if you have a screen-hungry partner, it could be a nice little stocking stuffer hint.

Whether or not you get a Bagby sac, these folks definitely have the right idea. Get an old school alarm clock, and leave your phones outside the bedroom. And while you’re at it, ditch the iPads and laptops too. Some rooms benefit from being a bit old-fashioned.

Check them out here at Indiegogo.

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  • Juan Sanchez

    Hi Rachel!

    Thanks for this review! We love your point of Less devices = more intimacy.

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