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Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that still  gives you an excellent workout. It helps you to relieve tension, build strength and relax your mind. Wondering whether to take up a yoga class? Here are seven signs you should get on the mat:

You’re Feeling Stressed All the Time

We all feel stressed from time to time. Demanding jobs, busy social lives and constant connectivity can all take their toll. If you regularly feel your stress levels rising, yoga could help to calm you down. During a yoga class, you will focus carefully on your movements and your breathing, leaving you with less time to ponder your worries. And wherever you find yourself, the breathing techniques you learn in yoga will serve you well next time you feel stressed. Deep, concentrated breathing can help you to feel much calmer in stressful situations.

You Have Back Pain

Many of us experience recurring back pain. While back pain is sometimes caused by an injury or strain, often it can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle; we spend far too much time sitting at our desks and driving our cars. Yoga can help with this type of back pain. In fact, it’s something that many physiotherapists would recommend. Yoga movements help to release tension you may be carrying throughout your back. They also help to develop muscles in and around your back to provide greater support and promote a better posture.

You Struggle to Focus

How would you rate your concentration? If you can’t watch TV without glancing at your smartphone and struggle to read anything longer than a couple of pages, your focus could use a boost. In yoga, you focus on different parts of the body, encouraging them to move independently, and work to regulate your breathing. The more time you spend concentrating, the better you get at it.

You Regularly Injure Your Body

Pulled muscles? Achy joints? Troublesome tendons? If you feel you injure your body regularly, there are some reasons why yoga could do you some good. Increased flexibility puts less strain on your body as you move. Yoga also improves your balance and stability meaning clumsy accidents are less likely too.

You Struggle to Get to Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem. If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep despite a regular bedtime routine, yoga could teach you some useful techniques. By focusing on your body, your mind won’t be able to ruminate over the day’s events or worry about tomorrow. And by practising yogic breathing, your body and mind will relax, making a drift into sleep much easier.

You Get Uncomfortable Standing or Sitting

If, when standing or sitting in the same spot for an hour or so, you begin to experience pain or discomfort, it could be that your posture is to blame. Poor posture puts unnecessary strain on certain parts of the body. Yoga helps to improve your posture and encourages you to spread weight evenly throughout the body.

You Want to Improve Your Performance in Other Sports

Yoga provides you with the basics that can improve your performance in another sport, be it football, gymnastics or skiing. Through yoga, you build strength, particularly in your core. You also develop your focus, your balance and your flexibility. Whatever other sports you like to practice, yoga could help you reach new levels.

Yoga is a great full body workout. It boosts your physical and mental wellbeing. It can also help conquer a variety of common niggles and ailments. If you suffer from any of the above, give yoga a try. You could be amazed at how much benefit you will feel.

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  • Marloes van der Kamp

    Yes, yoga works great for all these 7 signs. And in addition to that, yoga can also help if you want to improve your digestion, get rid of menstruation problems, cope with menopause inconveniences or if you just want to be kind to and care for your body.
    I think yoga is good for everybody. Depending on your physical state, you can choose the level and type that is nourishing for you for this period in your life.

    If you have never done yoga before, just try it out; in nearly all places there are try-out lessons. Just try some and by that, discover the type of yoga you like.

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