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Have a yogi friend that you want to do something special for?

I love Half Moon Yoga Products; I’ve been using their stuff for years. Great quality, competitive pricing (even better with the Rachel Yoga discount), and I love the company. Here’s a hit list for inspiration!


If your friend is getting serious about their practice and doesn’t yet have a mat, then this considerate gift will be one that keeps on giving for years. In general, mats can vary in durability and thickness. I like The Mighty Mat  ($80) is durable, PVC free, and sticky.  It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so this mat may be the only one that your friend needs. If you prefer a mat that isn’t so heavy, you can check out the Studio Mat ($35) which is a great budget option for lighter usage.

Meditation cushion

I bought my Half Moon meditation cushion ($75-$90) more than a decade ago and it has been a fast friend ever since. Super comfortable and durable, this cushion makes sitting on the floor and creating some sacred space so much easier. I use it to sit for evening meditation. Seeing it is also nice little visual reminder to get my butt down and take some quiet time. If your friend is exploring the quieter side of the practice, then this could be a great support.


If your friend is starting yoga home practice and has a mat, the getting them a set of their own blocks ($15-$34) is an awesome idea. After a mat, blocks are the prop that everyone should have. Blocks help to support the student’s body in a variety of positions to make the poses both more challenging as well as more accessible. I prefer the thicker 4″ blocks to the 3″ blocks. Chip foam blocks are useful as a small meditation seat, under the head cushion, or knee support.


One of my friends gave me a Half Moon blanket ($46-$118) for a birthday several years ago. Much to my surprise, I use it all the time. Obviously it can be used as a cover if I feel chill during meditation or Savasana, but I also use it to prop up my head, support my knees like a mini bolster, and use to lift my seat if I don’t have my meditation cushion. These blankets are super soft and cozy, it’s like being snuggled in a cloud. I have the natural cotton yoga blanket, and it’s wonderful, though you can get silk weaves if you’re looking for something very special. A blanket is a surprisingly versatile tool for the yogis who has the basics.

The Yummies

Eye Pillow

Eye pillows ($22-$44) are wonderful. By cutting out the light in the room, eye pillows help you to rest and restore more deeply. You don’t have to wait for Savasana to use them; pull them out anytime you need a supine rejuvenation. The weight of the pillow on the eyes feels very relaxing, and the delicately scented bags add a little aromatherapy to the experience.

Essential Oils

There’s something very sensual and nourishing about using essential oils. Not only is there a relaxing process of self care in applying oils, but the scents are crafted to help balance your nervous system. Half Moon has a great little kit of essential oils ($45) that address each doshas (personality type). When you feel anxious or ungrounded, you might apply the Vata oil (which will be calming). The Kapha oil is invigorating and reduces lethargy. The Pitta oil is cooling and pacifying. (Being an anxious gal, I basically want to take a bath in my Vata essential oil.) If your friend loves scents, this yoga aromatherapy choice will be a special gift.

Don’t see what you want? They’ve got more suggestions here. 

Best of all, you get a discount. Get 20% off your purchases when you use the promo code RACHEL2017.
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Happy shopping!


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