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If you’re looking for something special for yourself or a yogi friend, check out these organic, natural, cotton mats from Ayur Yoga Organics. Beautifully made, each mat is crafted with Ayurvedic principles in mind and contains herbs that have been selected to to balance different doshas (constitution).

  • Sun Mat: Yellow/ Tumeric base with neem, designed to invigorate and support kapha (earthy) constitutions
  • Moon Mat: Gray/ Neem base with tumeric, cooling to support pitta (fiery) constitutions
  • Earth Mat: Gray/ Neem base with pomegranate, grounding for vata (airy) constitutions

The mats are pre-shrunk, made with organic cotton and jute (vegetable fibre) yarn. The yarn that is used is soaked in a special bath of herbs that are designed to accommodate each dosha (constitution), then dried for eighteen days to let the mats absorb the properties of the bath. After the mat is woven, the back of the mat is brushed with rubber to give it some stick to the floor.

But how are they for practice?

I tried out an Ayur Yoga mat in class and enjoyed the novelty of having cotton (rather than rubber) under my hands. Though the cotton felt initially a bit slippy, the mats are cleverly woven with threaded ridges to aid the grip in both the hands and feet. I dribbled some water to the mat (those of you who have used mat towels before know this trick), and the mat became easier to grip. If you sweat, you’ll love having cotton under your hands for better traction. (Using a cotton mat for practice is not a new idea: ashtanga practitioners routinely place cotton “rug” on top of their rubber mats.)

Pro’s of mat

  • Beautifully and uniquely made (it’s like practicing on art)
  • Organic cotton
  • Ayurvedic integration
  • Extremely easy to carry (lightweight and folds/ rolls easily)
  • Easy to clean (throw in cold water)
  • Well-priced: $108 (ashtanga mats are about $100)
  • Feel good about supporting entrepreneurs!

Con’s of mat

  • The ridges (though good for grip) may be irritating to those who roll over their toes a lot or like a smooth surface
  • The rubber coated bottom may slide on floor and distort matter if enough force is applied
  • Mats are thin; f you have sensitive knees or hip points, you may need more padding
  • Mats may be machine washed cold, but I cannot speak to their longevity without practicing on it longer.

I love having this mat in my collection. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my trusty Manduka, but this beauty is a lovely addition and I look forward to practicing on it more.


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