What to Buy For your Yogi Friend This Holiday Season

Have a yogi friend that you want to do something special for? I love Half Moon Yoga Products; I’ve been using their stuff for years. Great quality, competitive pricing (even better with the [...]

Interview with Mark Stephens, author of “Yoga Therapy”

I recently caught up with Mark Stephens to interview him about his wonderful book, Yoga Therapy: Foundations, Methods, and Practices for Common Ailments. Thorough, well-researched, and [...]

Yoga teachers: should you join Yoga Alliance?

When you graduate from a 200-hour teacher training that has been approved by Yoga Alliance (YA), you have the opportunity to join the Alliance and become a “registered yoga teacher” [...]

Does fasting prolong your life?

Traditional religious practices in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam have all included fasting (Karras et al., 2016). In yoga, fasting is a pillar of the philosophical principle of sauca, or [...]

How to stay healthy while travelling

I love travelling. But I don’t always like its impact on my body. While travelling can create novel opportunities for exercise (ie: sightseeing a new city, doing a vacation sport like [...]

How to beat insomnia

Did you know that an estimated 10% of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia, which can greatly impact the quality life?  Benefits of a good night’s rest include having a better mood, [...]

Five poses to practice on Thanksgiving

It’s US Thanksgiving, time for turkey and thankfulness! But you don’t have to be slurping stuffing (or even be celebrating the holiday, oh my Canadian brethren) to take this as an [...]

Steps for a recovering perfectionist

Are you a recovering perfectionist? Here are some clues that you may be in this camp (with me, I might add): you need (NEED) to make all the fonts match in your writing you have to clean your [...]

7 Signs you Should Start Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that still  gives you an excellent workout. It helps you to relieve tension, build strength and relax your mind. Wondering whether to take up a yoga class? [...]

Three Tips for Effective Learning

Learning is one of the most important activities in life. We don’t just learn when we cram before the exams, but each day we should aim to gather new knowledge that will deepen our understanding [...]

Giveaway: Win a 5-day Spirit Pass to BaliSpirit Festival!

What is  BaliSpirit Festival? BaliSpirit Festival is an international yoga and music festival, celebrating community and well-being in Ubud, Bali, April 2-8, 2018.  Now in its 11th year and [...]

Product Review: BDirty

Who doesn’t want to get a little dirty? I discovered these products through the founder (and my friend) Kate. What began as a hobby to share with her friends has evolved into a thriving [...]

Product Review: MeetMindful, the new dating app

Tired of feeling like you’re being swiped just for your profile pic? Friends, you might like a new dating app called MeetMindful that has come onto the scene. MeetMindful is the dating app for [...]

Product Review: Bagby

Who needs a night time cuddle case for to tuck in your iPhone? The folks at Bagby believe that “people, especially couples, are increasingly disconnected from each other” so they [...]

App Review: 10% Happier

I pretty much suck at meditation. Honestly, I know I’m not supposed to admit to these things, but getting myself to sit on a cushion is sometimes like dragging a recalcitrant mule up a [...]

What to wear to practice yoga

I’m not a big clothes horse. I figure, practice yoga in what works rather than worry about what’s fashionable. That said, it’s a good idea to wear clothes that are appropriate [...]

How to do crow pose (bakasana) safely

Crow pose (bakasana) is the entrance to more challenging arm balances. (Check out this video on my favorite way to get into the pose.) When practicing crow pose, you need a few key elements: [...]

Product Review: Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag (and discount!)

Amazon Link (US only right now) 20% discount code: RScott20 I really like this new bag from Zenifit! If you’re looking for a sweet little bag that makes transporting your daily yoga mat a [...]

Review: Book Yoga Retreats

As many of you know, I took a yoga retreat to Bali recently. In fact, this was my first yoga retreat ever as a practitioner! Part of the reason that I took this yoga retreat was because the folks [...]

Book Review: Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga

Written by Marlynn Wei, MD and James Groves, MD, The Harvard Medical School’s Guide to Yoga pretty much had me at “hello.” To be honest, I get a little excited about anything [...]