Dear Readers,
Businesses sometimes get in touch with me and ask me to do a product review for them. Seems like the next great marketing campaign. If it’s related to yoga, I thought, why not show you all what’s percolating in the marketplace.
When companies ask me to review a product, this is the letter that I send to them. Sometimes of course I will review a product or service outside of these terms, but I generally ask for something for you (for reading the post) and something for me (for writing the review).
See below.

Thank you for reaching out about partnering with (your company).
Here are my thoughts regarding writing a review.  I know you put a lot of time and effort into soliciting reviews and community, so I want to be upfront and honor your expectations.
What I’ll do:
  • I will write a candid review. I will include both my likes and my dislikes. I will be honest, but I also seek to find the good. I love young businesses and want to see you succeed.
  • If I love your product and our values align, I’ll put you on my list of Cherished Affiliates (individuals, companies, and products that I think my readership will love and I want to promote) for at least three months (in perpetuity if we think it’s a great fit). If we’re in good alignment, this is a win/ win for both of us.
  • If I don’t like your product, then I won’t say anything. I appreciate all the effort, money and time that you put into reaching out, and I want this to be a win/ win for everyone, and not be negative. I’d be happy to share my feedback privately with you if you’d like it.
What I would like in return for my time:
  • a discount for my readers (promo code)
  • a modest thank you fee for each referral I send you (usually 10%)
My values and the values I love supporting in the world:
  • health-promoting
  • celebrates authenticity
  • emotionally elevating
  • educational
  • high-quality
  • eco-friendly/ globally mindful
  • celebrates community
If you feel like there could be a good alignment here, then let’s talk!
Again, thanks for reaching out,



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