How to do crow pose (bakasana) safely

Crow pose (bakasana) is the entrance to more challenging arm balances. (Check out this video on my favorite way to get into the pose.) When practicing crow pose, you need a few key elements: [...]

Space. And Intimacy.

“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise…” – James Kirk Yogis, we’re going on a fantastic voyage. A voyage that reveals the [...]

Gay marriage. The subway. And a 7-year old.

Or, education happens in the darnedest places. A seven year old sidles up next to me on the N train to Astoria. I’ve got my laptop flipped open, working on an article for EME 6414, my Web 2.0 [...]

Thriving as a networked individual

“People and institutions exist now in information and communication ecologies that are strikingly different from the ones that existed just a generation ago…It is not an either-in [...]

Identity reflections

As my social media course winds to its conclusion, I am reflecting back on the first decision I made in the course: how much of myself do I reveal? At the beginning of the course, I made the [...]

Boundaries, social media, and ethics, oh my!

Yoga students friend me on Facebook all the time. See, as a yoga teacher, I work in an industry where personal connection is valued. I have the pleasure of working with some of my [...]

Politics and Social Media

My Dad’s a Republican who lives in Texas. I’m a Democrat who lives in Vancouver, Canada. When I used to go home for holidays, we never talked politics. Fox News would play in the background [...]

Then end of 9 to 5

A Facebook private message happens at 8:57 pm, “out of working hours” (Casey et al., 2014), which leads to a work call and work discussion in the late evening. With the advent of [...]

Who owns my “A”?

With social learning on the rise, group learning and collaboration is becoming increasingly common in the classroom. Students can use google docs, wikis, and powerpoints to create their group [...]

Media, meditation, and monkeys, oh my!

People, my mind has gone full jumping monkey. As I’ve plunged more fully into social media (with a vengeance, tally ho!) during my Web 2.0 course, my mind has become hyperactive, jumpy, and [...]

Google Maps just blew my mind

Okay okay, so it’s been awhile since I’ve checked out Google Maps. The last time I did anything resembling this kind of exploration was a few years ago when I did a cursory check of [...]

Sugar-free: why all the desserts!?

So I decided to do a Pinterest board to celebrate and share the love of being sugar-free this month. To add to my board, I do a search for “sugarfree”, and lo and behold, my search [...]

Second Life: more than just Batman with a phallus.

Alright, alright. So I have seen “Second Life” in a bunch of academic, peer-reviewed articles in reference to supporting learning activities. As in, “the post graduate course [...]

Periscope Down! Streaming video from Twitter.

I tried Periscope this week. It’s a Twitter creation that streams live video to whoever happens to tune into the feed at the time. “Let’s just try it,” I say to my [...]

First Twitter Chat!

Baby’s first Twitter chat! 132 tweets, 12 participants. I think we can safely say that it wasn’t a rousing affair (especially as it began with 20 minutes of meditation and breathing), [...]

Data: the underworld you are creating

There’s a problem with data. No, not Data from Star Trek, with his emotion chip. But data. User data. Your data. My data. The trail we leave behind us as we fritter along our merry away on [...]

Blogging identity: art, porn, and privies

I am a transparent blogger. I use my real name, reveal personal details, and don’t separate my personal and professional identity. In my posts, I have discussed everything from flatulence to love [...]

When the web gets sticky

This week I dove in and drowned. I got too excited about incorporating the tools from last week immediately and entirely into my  life. As a result, Twitter,, Facebook, and the blog took [...]

Personal Learning Networks: Start where you are

What a relief. “Start where you are.” The advice came at the perfect time. “You can feel overwhelmed.” Ain’t that the truth. This week I dove headlong into Twitter, [...]

Personal Learning Networks – nacho mama’s network

The teacher trainers are clustered in a corner. “I’m thinking,” says Ashley (yin teacher, vibrant, killer hair, nerdy in the best way), “that we should hold a potluck, a [...]

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