After teaching for yoga 10 years I had so many ideas and pieces of information that I  wanted to share with my students. I just did not know how to gather the information and organize it in the form of an Immersion. Rachel helped me piece it all together in an organized format with slide shows and experiential learning for the students. It was truly amazing to see my ideas pulled together in such a professional format. Rachel was a pleasure to work with, always professional yet very authentic in her approach to create curriculum that reflects your vision. Best money I ever spent!” – Janet Corvino, Soul City Yoga


I ran a 200 hour yoga teacher training program from 2010- 2015 and struggled with the anatomy portion. I wanted to give my students the best information I could access, but it wasn’t always easy to find a teacher who could explain the concepts in a way that could be applied to the yoga practice, or they were only available to deliver the content over a couple days of very intense anatomy studies, which the students found overwhelming.

So I reached out to Rachel Scott and hired her to design a 30 hour anatomy training that I could deliver myself, and that could be broken into shorter lessons delivered all throughout the training. Rachel did such an amazing job.  She provided me with Power Point presentations, full colour professionally designed handouts, and facilitators guide that supported me in delivering the material. My students got an incredible anatomy training, delivered in a way that was easy to understand and applicable to teaching yoga, and I learned a whole lot more about anatomy by going through the material with them.

I cannot recommend Rachel enough as a resource for yoga schools and trainers who are looking for support in creating their curriculum. – Natalie Rousseau, Living Yoga

I’m her number one fan!
I had the great honour and pleasure to work alongside Rachel as a trainer for the YYoga Teachers College for 6 years. Through this experience, Rachel became a very important mentor to me.  She helped me take my training skills from winging it, to slaying it, seriously.
Rachel is a genius at creating and organizing educational material in a way that appeals to all learning styles and has helped me structure my teacher trainings in a way that makes my material much more accessible, engaging, fun, tangible, and integrative. – Kristin Campbell, Tapasya Yoga

Rachel Scott has taught me so much!

Her belief in me as a teacher granted me the honour and opportunity to repeatedly deliver a stellar 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program written and directed by Rachel. Never before have I felt set up for success like the way that I do when Rachel is in the director’s seat. Her program structure, incredible organization, ability to create digestible curriculum, and systematic approach to programming, allows for the seemingly disconnected (and sometimes overwhelming) aspects of learning to flow together and integrate into a clear and whole picture. Her style of delivering information has enhanced my own way of presenting material in classes, workshops, and trainings.

She is an exceptional educational designer. – Lisa Messina, Drishti Yoga Centre


Rachel’s program is so incredibly well designed that even with all the information to remember and apply (from sequencing, to philosophy, to anatomy, and more) nothing was too much. Not only that, but we we dove into the seat of the teacher the very first day so that by the end of the 200 hours every single one of us students were confident and capable teachers.

Rachel herself was incredibly inspiring. She is clearly an extremely intelligent and passionate teacher of teachers who made sure that everything we had to learn was understood and could be applied. Rachel went above and beyond for every single student.  – Kaitlyn Warne, YYoga 200-hour graduate and yoga teacher

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