With so many resources online, I wanted to weed through some of the noise to give you feedback about what’s out there.

Here you’ll find:

  • Cherished affiliates: these are products and services that I personally use and adore
  • Reviews of yoga related products, vetted for you (and often often offering you a discount if you’re interested)
  • My favourite yoga books
  • My trusted community of wellness practitioners in Vancouver

A note on all product reviews and services: in exchange for taking the time to write a candid review, I ask companies to both provide you (my readers) with a discount as well as provide me with a referral fee for any purposes made through this site. If any products align with all of my values, they may become a cherished affiliate.

My values and the values I love supporting in the world:
  • health-promoting
  • celebrates authenticity
  • emotionally elevating
  • educational
  • high-quality
  • eco-friendly/ globally mindful
  • celebrates community

Want to know more? Read my affiliate letter of terms.

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