Share your voice! If you’d like to share your writing on RachelYoga, you can submit an idea for consideration as a guest post.
On this page you will learn:
  • How the guest posting process works
  • What kinds of articles I love to post
  • General post guidelines
  • Benefits to guest posting
  • How to format your post

What I love

I’m always looking for content that my readers will love. Here are some ideas:
  • Tools for living a happier and healthier lifestyle
  • New, substantive information on wellness, yoga, and meditation
  • Education about current trends and research in the health and wellness industries
  • Fair and balanced reviews of products and services related to yoga and wellness
  • Inspirational self-improvement
  • Provides guidance for mental health and stress relief
  • Provides insight and tools for relationships and emotional well-being
  • Tips for a holistically vibrant lifestyle
I’m open to other topics. Feel free to submit and we’ll go from there.

The process

  1. Read this page thoroughly.
  2. Fill out the form below to submit your idea.
  3. I’ll follow-up through email to discuss your post idea and if it is something that fits the site.
  4. After the follow-up, you’ll submit your post to me to review via a a Word or Google Document.

Article requirements

  • Articles must be 1,000+ words.
  • Articles must be written in English.
  • Articles must be your original work and not published elsewhere.
  • If you reference articles or research, use APA citations.
  • Articles must be well written and positive.
  • All research must be cited or linked.
  • I may edit your post prior to posting (you will have final approval).
  • I will remove content and links that are sales rather than information driven.
  • Images
    • Provide me a banner image that is 800 x 300 pixels that is royalty free (do not pull off the internet; you must have rights to the image). Check out pixabay for great choices.
    • If you don’t provide a graphic, I will create one at my discretion.
    • Provide an author bio (up to 100 words) and an author photo, with links to your site or social media.
    • Images that are Creative Commons must include attribution.
  • All links in guest posts need to be set as “no follow” to adhere to Google’s policies. Read Why.

If you are posting to put in links to a business, retreat, or product, this is advertising (not guest posting). Contact me directly for my rates for ads, product reviews, sponsored posts, and/or compensated reviews.

Benefits of guest posting

  • Exposure on award winning blog
  • Become part of the Rachel Yoga community
  • Each post will include a brief bio about you (up to 50 words) with a link back to your website and your favorite social media account. These links are do-follow. Yay!

Let’s Begin!

Click to fill out the form below to submit your idea. I will get in touch with you shortly after through email to discuss further details.

Say Hi

Please send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!

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