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Perfectionism is unforgiving.  The moment we waver or fall, we are besieged with judgments of “not being good enough,” “not trying hard enough,” or really, just sucking.

When we practice balancing postures in yoga, we are immediately confronted by our unsteadiness.  We waver, we shift.  And if we’re trying something particularly new or challenging, we will almost certainly fall the first few times.  These moments of “failure” are an opportunity to re-wire our brains.  Reaching beyond our grasp involves inevitable stumbles, and how sad it would be for us to stay confined in a safe, comfortable space and never try anything new?  When we fall, stay aware of the judgmental mind.  Instead of buying into the voices of condemnation, can we find a sense of play and adventure in our practice?

As one of my teachers said, “Everyone falls.  It’s how we pick ourselves up that counts.”

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