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Manipura Chakra is the seat of the ego and self-definition.  Its element is fire and it the seat of the ego.  Too much fire breeds anger, aggression, over-assertion; too little fire and we are not able to create boundaries, self-determine, or speak our minds.

A healthy third chakra is marked by empowerment.  When we are self-empowered, we do not need to dominate in order to fill the gap.  Self-empowerment leads to autonomy and personal responsibility, which are key in initiating conscious transformation.  When we honor the power within us, we can freely make decisions that honor our own personal truth.  Rather than internalizing the voices of our parents, peers, and culture, we give ourself the power to question, re-determine, and transform.

To access manipura chakra, open yourself to the fire of your own practice.  Through heat, we begin to safely shift and transform the physical body.  Through twists and navel focused asana like bakasana, we access the power of the core.  Connection to the stability of the core anchors us in our own body.  From the core, we discover the fantastic movement of radiation and contraction.  Energy moves from the center out, just as energy draws into the center.  This dynamic flow and pulsation is a reflection of the greater movements of our life: learning what to let in, learning what to let go. The constant ebb and flow keeps us alive, invigorated, open to new ideas, and anchored in what we choose to keep.

Explore the fire of your practice.  Become attuned to your relationship to your own personal power.  Can you relish responsibility without guilt or shame?  Can you risk transformation in order to connect to a deeper, more authentic  expression of your self?

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  • John Philp

    Hi there,
    I am trying to get more information on opening of the Manipura Chakra. Seems I had a spontaneous opening a couple of years ago while I was driving in my car at night! … and am still trying to figure out what happened and why. A yoga practitioner friend of mine helped me to understand what it was… but otherwise I have no clue. I don’t even practise yoga. I think I have been to maybe 3 classes in my entire life, and this was ten years ago now.
    thank you,

  • Rachel

    Hi JP, my favorite book on the chakras is “Eastern Body, Western Mind” by Anodea Judith. Manipura chakra is located at the solar plexus and is the seat of fire in the body. It is the site where yogis believe the energies related to discipline, heat, will-power, and ego are harnessed. You certainly don’t need to practice yoga to have an energetic experience, it could have been sparked by a lot of different things. Check out the book, let me know what you think.

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