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It’s the month of November and time again for this most remarkable time: saying no.

At first, saying no sounds bad, like a five year old staring at their brussel sprouts. “No! I won’t!” He sticks his tongue out. To me, saying “No” still smells like failure, like I’m a bad sport (bad friend, bad worker, etc.)

That’s why we gotta practice.

Because saying no is a way of saying yes. Saying no asks us, “what is our good stuff worth? And what can we shave away to get it?”

In yoga this month, we’ve said no so far to:

  • being small (be big!)
  • being isolated (recognize connection!)
  • rushing (savour the moment!)

You can start small.

  • Say no to the coffee date you don’t really want to go on
  • Say no to the extra work project
  • Say no to the free tea set that your mom wants to give you (“Nooooo, thank you.”
  • Say no to riding the worry train
  • Say no to habit

Go on, practice loving on your inner five year old.

Say no.

And say a big old YES to you.


Photo credit.

Props to go to my gal Shandy Rae, who came up with this amazing theme several years ago. Check out her most delicious juice bar cafe in Whistler, BC if you’re there.

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  • Michelle O'Keeffe

    Hi Rachel,
    Your classes and advice continue to inspire me. I took one of your workshops and I continue to find that whenever I attend one of your classes it is a continuous stream of workshop type advice and leadership. You are a true inspiration to me (both as you practice/teach) and how you deliver practical life experiences with they way you interact your type of teaching style with reality. I feel like I can totally connect with your take on things. To be honest your advice/talk tonight @ Kits Hatha class was truly exactly what I have been thinking about lately. That is, that exercising the mind is so critical to well being. I felt like tonight (during your class) I was absolutely part of a “Ted Talks” which I recently watched. If you are not already, you could totally be an inspirational speaker. Every time I attend your class(es) I come out feeling more whole. I would love to remain in contact, whether by Facebook or whatever avenue is available, kindly advice. Talk about a strong women who has so much to offer. So proud of you and your accomplishments. Can’t wait to read your next book.

  • Rachel

    Michelle, thank you SO much for taking the time to share your kind words. It means so very much. (Wow – I’d love to become a Ted Talk Speaker!) In class, I’m usually speaking about my own experience; I usually share what I’m working on. Part of this attempt is to hopefully create a resonance where we recognize – while we each may have our own particular circumstance (and karma, if you will) – that we travel in good company indeed. We’re not alone in the journey. We are surrounded by good companions who can nod with us knowingly, hold our hands, and we can all help each through. Love to stay in touch. I post my goodies to my Facebook page. Not sure if you’ve seen my relationship video blog, but you may like them if you like my class themes. And of course, email and in class 🙂 Hope to see you soon. xo

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