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Travelling to NYC this weekend, I had some strategies for staying sugar free while in transit. Airplane snacks are a no go for the most part: airlines sugar and roast their nuts, add sugar to the hummus (yuck!), add sugar to all dressings, and almost everything comes with gluten crackers and wheat. However, here are some options that can keep you going when you’ve got flights and layovers!

  • BYON: bring your own nuts. Those yummy, cheap nuts that you buy at Trader Joe’s are okay for transport (although I always declare them at customs, they won’t get taken away from you). Get your raw nuts and bring them with you! Nuts sold at the airport are okay, but are often roasted or may have other additives. And the best nutritional bang for your buck is raw.
  • Fruit. Now, I haven’t been eating fruit lately, but if you have fruit as part of your diet then whole fruit is sold at almost all the stands.
  • Eggs. Au Bon Pain has two boiled eggs for sale for just $2.99. Et Voila.
  • Raw veg. A good option: just toss the dressing and instead stock up on some mustard from another kiosk.
  • Salads. Not bad, but the dressings usually have tons of added sugar. So find some mustard or another kiosk with oil and vinegar. If you’re really bold, you can bring your own dressing – as long as it’s under 4 oz. I also use mustard as the great dip for everything. And if you’re eating a tuna salad, the tuna pretty much has enough mayo in it to make your salad yum.
  • Jerkies. Airports now offer jerky as an option (and on flights). Check the sugar content, but not a bad option if you’re eating meat.
  • BYOA: bring your own avocado. One avocado, some salt, it will keep you going for hours!
  • Tip that we all know but could use reminding: drink a ton of water. Airplanes are dehydrating and some snacks (like jerky) tend to be high in salt. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and happy in the air.

Happy flying 🙂

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